Open Canoe Hire for the Great Glen Canoe Trail ……..

and loads of other wild & wonderful landscapes

All open canoe hire packages include paddles, buoyancy aids. We offer 1 free barrel & BDH bottle per open canoe; one spare paddle per boat. Additional barrels are available for hire. We are no longer able to offer one free set of trolley wheels per group hire due to the level of damage recently but these are still available for hire.

Open Canadian Canoes:

  • Old Town Discovery 16″ x 1
  • Old Town Guide 15″ x 1
  • Venture Ranger 16″ x 3
  • Venture Symphony 15” x 1
  • Venture Prospector 16’ x 1
  • Cottager(GF) x 3
  • Pyranha (Plastic) x 1
  • Coleman 17″ (3 man) x 3
  • Symphony 15′ x 1
  • Symphony 16′ x 1
  • Wenonah 16’6″  x 3

Loading Open Canoes – How much gear can we carry in an open canoe?

 We are frequently asked how much gear folks can carry in kayaks & open canoes. These weights include the weight of all “bodies!

Purely as a guideline:-

  • 3 man 17’ open canoes (Colemans) have a maximum load capacity of 660 lbs. If there are 3 paddlers of approx 12 stone each they will weigh approx 504 lbs. This will leave a gear carrying capacity of 156 lbs between the 3 paddlers.
  • In a 2 man 15’ canoe if there are 2 paddlers of approx the same weight this will leave approx 322 lbs gear carrying capacity between 2 paddlers.
  • In our 2 man 15’ Symphony the load carrying capacity is 880 lbs – with 2 folks of approx 12 stone this will leave a gear capacity of 544 lbs
  • Our 2 man 16’ Rangers / Symphony have a load carrying capacity of 990 lbs. This will leave a gear capacity of 654 lbs.

Note : the watertight  60 litre barrels will take a tent, sleeping bag, spare clothing – plus some extras. BDH bottles are small flask type barrels which are ideal for keeping cameras, wallets & mobole phones dry.

Prices :

Open Canadian Canoes (2 man)From: £ 68  for 2 days – £ 182.50 for 6 days
Open Canadian Canoes (3 man)From: £ 87.50 for 2 days – £ 202.50 for 6 days

For more information on our hire service and prices please down load this link : |


Canoe & Kayak Expedition Sundries

These can include: Barrels & Dry Bags, canoe trolley wheels, roof racs, canoe / kayak trailer, canoe sailing rig, tie on straps, rafting poles. These are charged for independently. Trolley wheels are strongly recommended for the Great Glen and some other NW Highlands journeys.  The hire of full expedition camping gear is another option we can offer to complete the full package.


Security Deposit:

There is £ 150 refundable security deposit payable on each canoe or kayak before you leave us. This is payable by cash or cheque only and is refunded when the boats are returned to us in an undamaged and clean condition