risk document

This is not intended to put anyone off from having an adventure – far from it. We all learn – not necessarily by doing things right the first time – but by making mistakes, knowing how to minimise the risks we take, how put things right – and come out unscathed.

  • sea & river kayaking, canoeing,  mountaineering, hill walking, rock climbing,& dinghy sailing are all risk activities. The level of risk can be minimised and controlled by being accompanied by an appropriately qualified leader or instructor. There will always be an element of risk involved in any adventurous outdoor activities. You should not do, take part in these types of activity or lead others unless you accept the possibility of injury.
  • where ever you are heading please read and accept the RISK PART of your booking form with  us. Our acceptance of your booking with us is dependent on this confirmation.
  • you will have read and agreed to the conditions of booking as detailed on this Snowgoose Mountain Centre canoe  hire web site (www.greatglen-canoehire.co.uk). Where a multiple booking is made on behalf of other persons, it is your responsibility to make all information, Terms & Conditions, Cancellation Policy available to all participants. This is part of your contract between us.


  • you will realise & accept that participation in the hire of all equipment from Snowgoose Mountain Centre is entirely at your own and individuals’ risk.


  • you will accept that Snowgoose offers sound safety advice & information and will advise if weather or other circumstances dictate that it is inadvisable to continue with the planned itinerary. A suitable alternative may be suggested.