Use & Return of Boats

  • All boats, safety gear and all equipment must be returned in a cleaned condition – please leave yourself plenty of time for this. This is up to you.
  • Any extra cleaning or damage to boats or hired equipment  WILL be charged for @ £15.00  per hour plus materials. If there is any damage then security deposits will be retained until damage is made good. Make sure that you allow sufficient time in your planning to adequately have the gear checked back in with us.
  • It is greatly appreciated if you let us know  if a hired  item has broken or has gone missing – we are not unreasonable.


  • It is up to you to ensure that the boats are not:- overloaded; dragged over rocks when launching, coming either along side, ashore or along the ground; run up the shore / beach on to rocks ; used for collecting wood; full of sand or twigs when they are returned to us; used to play silly games ……….. all which will damage any of our well looked after equipment.
  • Loaded boats must not be used on trolley wheels – this can cause damage to both boats and the trolley wheels
  • Heavy boots & black soled boots / shoes must not be worn while paddling in the canoes / kayaks. Wear foot wear that you do not mind getting wet –  either trainers, wellies, wet feet or wet socs. ( we have a copious ” grot box” of suitable spare foot wear if need be – just ask)
  • Please make sure that all gravel (especially), sand and mud is washed off foot wear before getting into the canoes or kayaks as this can cause longer term damage to the fabric of the boats.
  • We expect & will inspect that all deck lines / painters / ropes / sheets are returned intact – not cut.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the safety and security of the boats / equipment over night – lock & wire provide
  • Please make sure that all personal items are removed from buoyancy aid pockets / barrels & dry bags / the back of our minibus! etc- we cannot be held responsible for items mislaid or lost in this way. Items having to be returned by post will be charged for.
  • Rivers are not to be paddled  in sea kayaks or open boats

Snowgoose Mountain Centre

April 2016