Personal Safety      

Right it?       Rescue it?     Raft it?   

Heading off into the wild yonder is  a fabulous, exciting, wholly worthwhile experience but can you and  the rest of your party cope if things gp wrong or the weather kicks up? which it does at times.                                                 

Before you take our boats out on hire we will always do our level best to ensure that you are properly kitted out, equipped and adequately informed for your trip. We do have a duty of care towards our clients. We do not hire out to solo paddlers under any circumstances. We will always have a briefing session with clients before they leave us – please allow for this in your planning.

    However, you and your party do have a personal responsibility in terms of your own safety. This is part of your contract with us.

We offer a fully comprehensive information & advice service based on years of experience and local knowledge. Please use this – we are happy to help.

  • You must ensure that all of your group have the necessary skills, knowledge & experience to look after themselves and others on the trip you have planned – should the weather & circumstances turn against you.
  • We do not hire out to solo paddlers under any circumstances.
  • There must always be at least one person 21 years or older in any group hire. The minimum age for all activities with us is 8 years. There are no overnight hires to juniors under the age of 12 years – our minimum age for half day / full day hires is 8 years accompanied by experienced parents.
  • The group should all be able to right canoes & kayaks; effect rescues on other members of the party as well as self-rescues; raft up boats in adverse weather conditions
  • All of the group should have previous paddling experience on open water for at least full day trips & be able to effect rescues in Force 2 – 4 winds
  • The group should be able to carry out effective rafting procedures if the need arises – in adverse conditions
  • Please ensure that the entire group – not just the group organiser – is aware of what to do if an emergency does arise.
  • If your party has limited paddling experience there is no reason why you should not undertake overnight paddling journeys BUT we do strongly advise that you all will have had qualified instruction before you arrive with us to specifically cover the points above – purely for your own safety, comfort and enjoyment. There are plenty of local clubs with qualified BCU level 3 coaches /instructors, who for a fee, will be able to cover all of the above pints in detail – or seek out a similarly qualified local commercial provider who would cover the same.
  • We will require a note of the previous paddling experience for all members of the group who hire from us. This will an overall view of the level of experience / qualifications you and the rest of all your party should be at to take part in self-guided overnight trips in wild & remote country

Snowgoose Mountain Centre

April 2016